Nomi High Chair

Nomi High chair - evolves seamless with your child with a stable foot support

The Nomi High Chair is the core of the Nomi concept. It will fit your child from approximately 6 months until around 24 months and then into the teenage years and beyond as the Nomi Chair.

Around 24 months, when your child can climb in and out of the Nomi High Chair without help, simply remove the crotch restraint and the harness and it has now become the Nomi Chair.

The Nomi Chair can also be purchased separately for children 2 years and older. 

Nomi High chair - safe, simplistic and functional Scandinavian high chair design

Wooden Stem - the Backbone of your Nomi

The wooden stem provides strength, durability and flexibility to the Nomi. The unique shape ensures that the sitting height and depth are always perfectly matched to your child when you adjust the height of the seat and footrest.

The stem is made from sustainable wood produced in Europe. The unique design of the multi-layer steam-bent veneer provides maximum strength and flexibility.

The stems are natural products and each stem is unique in its marks and character, depending on where the tree has grown and how old it is. As with all natural wood products, there may be variations in color and character from one stem to another, especially over time.

The stem is available in different types of wood and colors. The difference is purely visual; durability and performance are exactly the same in all options.

Basic Stems: A core of steam-bent beech veneer with top layers of oak veneer. Treated with white or black varnish.

Premium Stems: Core and top layer made from either steam-bent oak veneer or steam-bent walnut veneer.

The Nomi High Chair easily adjusts, seamlessly and without tools, to meet the changing needs of your baby from starting solids, through toddlerhood, the teenage years and beyond.

You can adjust the seat and footrest by turning a knob, which is easily loosened and tightened by hand. This means that you can quickly adjust Nomi to match the changing needs of your child-or to fit visiting children of varying ages and sizes. The tapered shape of the stem provides added safety as it prevents the seat and footrest from sliding, in case you forget to tighten the knob completely.

Start by positioning the seat so that your child's elbows are at table top level; then adjust the footrest so that the thighs are level and the feet are resting flat with lower legs at a 90 degree angle. The unique design of the stem ensures that the depth of the seat and footrest are always correct.

Bring the child up to the table and the floor up to the child's feet with the footrest. A solid footrest is the foundation for all movement and healthy motor development.

Nomi Chair - the chair after the high chair - seamless adjustable