The Nomi Concept

(Some products shown are European without harness and leg extensions)

Include the Entire Family in Meal Time Right from the Start

Europeans have included their children in family meal time from the very beginning. They believe children should not be isolated from the rest of the family off to the side in a high chair with a tray. Mealtimes become more relaxed and children find it easier to concentrate on the activities taking place around the table if they are comfortable. By including young children at the dinner table they learn manners, language and socialization skills. In order for the child to sit comfortably at the table you have to bring the child up to the table and equally important, "bring the floor up" to the child's feet.

Nomi was designed by world-renowned seating expert, Peter Opsvik, who has more than 40 years of experience designing chairs for children, as well as adults. Nomi's design is based on his philosophy that children need a safe and stable platform from which to move while they sit. Nomi's footrest, together with the seat and backrest, provide support in many different positions, so that the child can sit actively with free mobility-thus encouraging the child's development. Your child's motor skills are constantly evolving and Nomi evolves with them. Nomi provides support for every stage of your child's development-from newborn to teenager. This is the Nomi Concept.