Why can't I order Nomi Baby, Nomi High Chair or Nomi Chair on the Customize Your Nomi page?

The Nomi website is strictly an informational website to help you understand the Nomi Concept and see the available color combinations that will fit in best with your home décor and personal preferences. To purchase Nomi, please visit your local in-store retailer or purchase from one of our authorized online retailers. Click here to find where you can purchase Nomi.

Where can I see Nomi in person?

While Nomi has been popular in Europe for years, we're new to the US and Canadian markets.  We are in the process of expanding distribution of the Nomi concept throughout the US and Canada and new stores are constantly being added to the map. If you want information about an in-store retailer near you, please click here and enter your zip code to find a store near you, or click here to contact our Customer Care team. 

Why are the screws so hard to tighten?

We have chosen to treat all Nomi screws with Tuflok® blue colored coating, which prevents the screws from loosening up over time and reduces the need to retighten the screws. It takes a little more effort to turn these screws, and you have to counter-tighten the four screws in the foot of the chair (with the large Allen Key). This ensures the best possible safety, and limits the need to retighten the screws.

How can I attach the knobs more easily?

Don't force the knobs, you can potentially cross thread them. Gently turn to lock onto threading and turn until tightened. 

Can I wash the Nomi cushions and the Mattress/Cushion for the Nomi Baby?

Yes, wash separately and low iron if needed. Do not bleach, dry clean or tumble dry.

Is there a Warranty?

Evomove A/S warrants to the original purchaser that this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 2 years from the date of the original purchase. Evomove A/S will, at its option, repair or replace this product if found to be defective in material or workmanship. This warranty does not cover the effects of normal wear and tear or damages resulting from negligence, improper assembly, modification, accidents, misuse or abuse of this product.

IMPORTANT! Immediately register your Nomi High Chair so we can contact you in the unlikely event of a safety recall. Register online at www.regallager.com/RegisterNomi or mail in the registration card that came with your product.

Is it possible to remove the warning labels from the Nomi Baby/Nomi High Chair?

We agree and don’t like them either, but they are mandatory and we must follow the exact rules in the Federal Safety Standard. That includes colors, location, and size of the warnings, and it all has to be done by the book. You have probably seen them on many other baby products such as a car seat or bassinet--it’s just something that we have to deal with. Just take comfort in the fact that the reasoning behind bold warning labels is to keep babies safe.

By attempting to remove the warning labels from your Nomi products, you may damage the product and VOID the warranty.

The warning labels are only required for the high chair mode and not for the extended use of the Nomi as a chair for your toddler or older child, so once you convert the high chair into a chair by removing the Harness and the Crotch Restraint, the labels are automatically removed from the product and your Nomi chair will look clean and nice for it's very long useful life.

Warning labels on the Nomi Baby are federally mandated to be placed at shoulder level on the fabric cover. These warning labels are heat sealed onto the fabric and will ruin the fabric if removed, voiding any warranty.

Where are the Small Allen Wrenches located?

The Small Allen Wrenches are located under the footrest.

I can't get the seat/footrest to be stable against the stem, am I doing something wrong?

Make sure the plastic washer is placed correctly with the curved side against the wood of the stem and the groove against the knob.

Where are the Nomi products made?

In Slovakia, Europe

Do I really need to buy the Nomi High Chair to use the Nomi Baby?

Yes!  The Nomi Baby is an accessory that attaches to the stem and the foot cross from the Nomi High Chair.  The Nomi Baby cannot be used as a stand-alone bouncer without being attached to a stem and foot cross.