Personal data

Your data is safe by us (GDPR)

In order to enter an agreement with us at, we need the following information from you:

Telephone number
Email address

We register this information, so that we can deliver the ordered item to you. Your personal data are registered at Evomove A/S and will be kept for five years, after which it will be deleted. When we obtain personal data via our website, we ensure that you have always given your express permission first, so that you are informed about precisely what information we collect and why.

The CEO at Evomove A/S is responsible for data and has access to the information we register about you. We store and transmit data encrypted. Information given to Evomove A/S will not in any way be given or sold to a third party, and we do not register any sensitive personal data. When you are registered at you maintain the right to protest against the registration. You also have the right to insight into the information we have stored about you. These rights are secured by Persondataloven and requests regarding this issue must be directed at Evomove A/S via emailĀ

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Log statistics
We use log statistics at, meaning that a statistics system collects information, which can provide us with a static picture of our many visitors we have, where they come from, where on the website they exit it, etc. The log statistic is only used to optimise evomove.comĀ