Nomi highchair  - safely seated by the dining table

Nomi Mini

When your child is ready to sit upright, it is time to attach the Nomi Mini restraint to Nomi Highchair.

Nomi Mini is like a protective arm around your child when learning to sit unassisted at the table. Nomi Mini complies with the new and stricter safety requirements while offering comfortable support all the way around your child - and still allowing free movement. 

Nomi Mini is easy to attach. It simply clicks on, first underneath the seat and then on the backrest. The leg gaps are designed for maximum safety, complying with the new EN safety standards. The rounded, organic contours create a comfortable highchair with unrestricted movement- and no doubt your toddler will be busy exploring, tasting and gesturing at the family table.

The small wheels on the rear legs of the chair are a unique safety feature reducing the risk of tilting, in case your child pushes backwards from the table. Please note that young children always need adult supervision.

When your child is ready to climb up and down from the chair without help, it is time to remove Nomi Mini.

NOTE! Always check that the restraint is attached properly to the backrest and seat by pulling it in the opposite direction, before using it. 

Nomi Mini is available in 10 colours and delivered as an accessory for Nomi Highchair.

The material is recyclable plastic (Polypropylen) entirely free from harmful substances.

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Tray by Evomove

Tray by Evomove fits on Nomi Highchair with the restraint Mini attached.

Nomi Highchair is designed to be used at the dining table, bringing your child to the family. However, in certain situations a tray that fits on the chair can be a valuable accessory.

The tray is easily attached on Nomi by sliding it on the restraint Mini. Max. load on the tray is 5 kg/11 lbs. and it's dishwashersafe up to 40°

The material is recyclable plastic (Polypropylen) entirely free from harmful substances.

Tray by Evomove is available in 7 colours and delivered as an accessory for Nomi Highchair.

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Highchair Harness by Evomove

Highchair harness along with Nomi Mini is easily attached to Nomi Highchair without the use of tools. Nomi Highchair with Nomi Mini and Highchair Harness has been tested and approved by the latest EN safety standards. If the child should climb up and out of the chair, Highchair Harness provides maximum safety. Remember never to leave the child unattended. 

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Safety approved Nomi Highchair 5 point harness
Highchair Harness

Nomi Highchair cushions

You can complete Nomi Highchair with a comfortable cushion. Choose between REACH compliant reversible and washable cushions with a different colour on each side.

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