Order accessories separately
High chair Cushion

The cushions are reversible with a different pattern or color on each side.

Dark grey
Pale pink
Pale blue
Nomi Mini restraint

With Nomi Mini, you and your child will receive a helping hand when it's time for your child to learn to sit at the table by itself. The restrainer porvides not only security, but also adds support all the way around so that you as a parent can sit back while your child can expend all energy on chewing the first bite or lifting the cup on it's own and being a part of the family life around the dining table. Nomi Mini is exceptionally easy to install. The restrainer just clicks on; first underneath the seat and then on the backrest. Also buy the reversible Nomi Cushion for added comfort. Recieve two smart patterns per cushion.

Nomi Baby recliner

A new-born child has a need for both reassurance and closeness. With Nomi Baby  recliner your  child  will  be at eyelevel so that  both  you an your  child  can keep up with  what's  happening. The recliner makes it possible to invite the littleones to the table so that  your child, from infancy, will  be a part of the family  life  around the table or in the kitchen.

With Nomi Baby, you will always receive a reversible mattress with two different colours and a harness that can be used as 3- or 5-point harness, following the childs needs and age.