Why can't I order Nomi Baby, Nomi High Chair or Nomi Chair on the Customize Your Nomi page?

The Nomi website is strictly an informational website to help you understand the Nomi Concept and see the available color combinations that will fit in best with your home decor. To purchase, please visit your local retailer or purchase from one of our authorized online retailers. Click here to find a retailer.

Where can I see Nomi in person?

We are in the process of expanding distribution of the Nomi concept throughout the US and Canada and new stores are constantly being added to the map. If you want information about a retailer near you, please click here to check our retail locator or click here to contact our Customer Care team. 

Why are the screws so hard to tighten?

We have chosen to treat all Nomi screws with Tuflok® blue colored coating, which prevents the screws from loosening up over time and reduces the need to retighten the screws. It takes a little more effort to turn these screws, and you have to counter-tighten the four screws in the foot of the chair (with the large Allen Key). This ensures the best possible safety, and limits the need to retighten the screws.

How can I attach the knobs more easily?

Don't force the knobs, you can potentially cross thread them. Gently turn to lock onto threading and turn until tightened. 

Can I wash the Nomi cushions and the Mattress/Cushion for the Nomi Baby?

Yes, wash separately and low iron if needed. Do not bleach, dry clean or tumble dry.