Nomi has been tested by TÜV, DTI and SGS according to the latest safety standards and beyond them.

  • The wide legs provide ultimate stability
  • The rear wheels minimise the risk of tilting in case your child pushes backwards from the table
  • The size and structure of the seat and footrest deliver comfortable sitting with a good foothold
  • The conical shape of the middle stem ensures that the seat and footrest stay in place, even if you forget to tighten the adjustment knobs
  • Nomi Mini is approved according to the newest EN standards


Test and sustainability
Nomi has been tested according to the latest international safety standards*. The wood is sustainable and produced in Europe, while the plastic parts are made of recyclable plastic (polypropylene) free from parabens and phthalates. The cushions have been tested and approved by accredited laboratories to comply with EN 71-3 toy regulative and REACH regarding chemical content. None of our materials release harmful substances.

*EN standards are European safety norms. They include testing of durability, function and stability. The stability of Nomi has been tested, even with extra pressure added to the extremities of the chair. It has also been verified that there are no holes or gaps in which the child can get caught or stuck. The newest norm from 2012 focuses particularly on the restraint and the design of the holes and gaps. Durability and weight load have also been tested. Nomi is also approved for adults with a durability test corresponding to 10 years' use. 



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