Have I received the right screws?

Some of our assembly instructions wrongly say that you will find 4 long and 2 short screws enclosed. To maximise safety we have chosen to enclose 6 long screws (16 mm) instead, so that the screws cannot be placed wrongly. The mistake has been corrected in our new assembly instructions.

Se the assembly instructions here >>


Should the screws be this hard to fasten?

We have chosen to treat the screws with Tuflok® (coloured) coating, preventing the screws from loosening. It takes a little more effort to turn these screws, just as you have to counter-tighten the four screws in the foot of the chair. This ensures the best possible safety, especially if you should forget to retighten the screws. You may want to use a longer hex key or an electrical screwdriver.


What is the difference between Nomi Baby version 1 and version 2?

Both version 1 and 2 are tested and approved by the same standard and both comply with all requirements of the standard. The changes in version 2 are as follows:

  1. New harness that can be used both as a 3- and 5-point harness. In some countries, the 5-point harness is most commen and we have chosen to meet this desire. The advantage of the 5-point harness is that some children when they are 5-6 months can lift the upperbody high and here 5-point harness provide extra security. The downside is that the child is much more fixated with a 5-point harness, which is not necessary when they are quite small, here the 3-point harness can be used. Remember never to leave the child unattended.
  2. New mattress that goes around the edge of the plastic shell, so the mattress is better fixed on Nomi Baby.
  3. New material for the base, we have chosen a mesh which breathes better and is easier to wipe clean.
  4. All textiles are of mixed material which keeps better than pure cotton when washed. All textiles are still Oeko-Tex® approved for children.

Can I purchase the new Nomi Baby Mattress to my "old" Nomi Baby (version 1)?

No, the way the harness is attached is different in the two models. So, textile, base and harness can only be used together on the version it's made for. We have made an upgrade kit with harness and base if you want to buy the new mattress for your Nomi Baby version 1.


Why can't I order the chair/move on in the 'configurator'?

Remember to choose your preferred colour and type of wood before you click on 'Next'.


I can't add my goods to the basket

If you have visited our website several times, old information can still 'linger' and block the functions. Try deleting your cookies, or try again using another browser.


Why can't I see my cushion in the basket?

All cushions are reversible with a different pattern on each side (except "Sand"). Only one pattern is shown in the basket. See all cushion patterns here >>


How do I only buy Nomi Mini?

Under "Buy Nomi" you can scroll down until you see the extra options for the highchair.


How do I buy more of the same product?

You can change the number of goods in the basket.


Why have I only received part of the order?

While we dispatch the packages together, they may get split up underway and arrive on different days.


What if I'm not home when the package arrives?

If you are not at home, UPS will try a second delivery or leave a note where to contackt them in your post box.


Can I wash the cushion?

Yes, please follow the washing instruction on textiles.


Where can I see Nomi in reality?

We are in the process of expanding distribution of the Nomi concept and new stores are constantly added to the map. If you want information about a dealer near to you, please send an email, stating your country and postal code to info@evomove.com


Why do I have to pay a fee on orders below EUR 150?

To keep our normal prices as low as possible, we have chosen to add a handling fee on orders below EUR 150.