Children should sit safely and actively 



More than any other highchair, Nomi supports children's free mobility, playful moves and physical differences.

Nomi is quickly adjusted - seamlessly and without tools. When you adjust the height of the seat and footrest, the depth is automatically aligned thanks to the unique shape of the stem. It couldn't be easier to ensure that Nomi always fits the child using it.

Nomi is so lightweight that children can pull the chair to the table themselves. This lightens the workload for the adults, while the children become more independent. For added safety, Nomi has small wheels on the rear legs, which minimise the risk of tilting.

Nomi complies with the latest, stricter EN safety standards from 2012. The robust chair is made from sustainable, easy-to-clean materials and includes a 2-year guarantee.

The pioneering Nomi Highchair is designed by Peter Opsvik based on 40 years of experience with children's chairs. Every detail is designed with for a reason - benefitting the child and caring adult. The many happy colour combinations speak their own child-friendly language and contribute to a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

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