Designed by Peter Opsvik


When Peter Opsvik is joined by his grandchildren he often uses the floor as a playground, providing lots of space for play and movement. This also characterises the designer's chairs. For decades his chairs have inspired people all over the world, children as well as adults, to move and remain active while sitting. Peter Opsvik is convinced that people need the possibility to vary their positions and be active while they sit. It is the same philosophy that underpins Nomi's design. 









In 2014 Nomi was awarded the internationally recognised design prize:
Red Dot Award: Best of the Best. The jury's motivations:

»In the world of children's furniture, Nomi is an exception. The simplicity and aesthetic appeal of this high chair are impressive. It demonstrates a completely new use of form, free of the usual clichés of shape. Based on a well thought-out functional concept, this chair is easy to adjust and grows along with the children. In addition to its thorough flexibility it also offers a high level of safety

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Peter Opsvik has designed Nomi  - and numerous other classic chairs that are currently used in offices, living rooms and kindergartens around the world. During the past decade he has received several Nordic and international design awards for his sitting solutions for children and adults. More than anyone, this Norwegian designer has reflected upon the way humans sit. So that the human body becomes the core of good design and we can better unite our sitting lifestyle with our active bodies.

Adults need chairs that move in order to inspire movement and different sitting positions. Children on the other hand, need stable chairs. Peter Opsvik compares children with rubber balls - a rubber ball bounces better from a firm foundation.

Nomi is the result of more than 40 years of work with children's chairs. Peter Opsvik has designed Nomi from the philosophy that children need a stable platform from which to move - a platform that inspires many different positions, so the child will sit actively and varied. 

Peter Opsvik (1939) graduated as industrial designer from Bergen National Academy of Arts and Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindustriskole in Norway. Since 1970 he has been working as a freelance designer in Oslo.

As a furniture maker he is very conscious about our planet. His designs are developed with love and respect for the surrounding world.It is important to him to reduce the footprint left on the environment. Opsvik is also involved in the establishment and running of "Design Without Borders" - an organisation where designers use their skills to find new solutions for developing countries and crisis areas.

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